Friday, June 12, 2009

My Summer Girl

Girl Doll will start junior high in the fall, which means that yesterday was her very last day of elementary school...ever.

 When I arrived at school to pick up the kids, I found Girl flanked by two of her friends, sobbing. One was a fourth grader who was devastated to be left behind, and the other a soon-to-be 7th grader who will be  moving on to a different school. Everyone was difficult to console. In the end, I gave her some time and went to get us lunch. I had a heavy heart over it.

It is rare that she cries like that, and it was difficult to see her so sad. Many of my friends kids cry easily and a lot, but Girl Doll is not generally very emotional or sentimental. It's not that she is some kind of robot - she is very compassionate, but she is also easy-going and not much rattles her.

Maybe that will be her saving grace going into junior high school.

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  1. Today is that day! Just dropped off Girl at school an hour ago. She is excited and nervous.

    I miss her terribly already.