Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I've never been a huge fan of massage, for a host of reasons - but mainly, it feels just too private and personal to have someone that isn't my husband rubbing my naked body down with oil.

A hand or foot massage, particularly if they are paired with a manicure/pedicure, is more my comfort level. But this has its draw back as well, because my feet are crazy ticklish. Recently I had told this to a manicurist, who assured me that it was only because the pumice stone hadn't been used properly or firmly enough.

I replied that was that was all well and good - until I kicked him in the face. He was deeply offended by this remark, but I noticed he remained a good arm's length away from my feet for the rest of the pedicure.

On a different visit to the nail salon, I was wearing my favorite ring: a pink and white enamel Hello Kitty ring with a rhinestone bow. The women fawned over my ring, one of them asking if I had more of the same ring available for purchase. Sadly, I did not. That was when my manicurist laid her hand on my arm and confided, very seriously, "Hello Kitty, she is a good listener."

I've recounted this story many, many times - and find it just as funny now as I did then. Call me crazy, but maybe Hello Kitty is a good listener because she has no mouth? Just a thought.

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