Monday, October 1, 2012

Where Are You?

I'm in Girl Doll's room, using her laptop. Each wall is a different color: green, pink, blue and yellow. I am currently facing the green wall.

Girl Doll is a freak for all things office-supply related; a genetic disposition that can be traced back to me. Highlighters, gel markers, calligraphy pens, colored pencils, millions of post-it pads, white-out, erasers and dry erase markers. It's a little like Office Max threw up on her desk and a lot like heaven.

There is a photo of her and her boyfriend from homecoming last year - yeah, I know...fml - and the dried corsages from both of the dances he took her to.

There are several textbooks:  Biology, Algebra 2, !Buen viaje!, Modern World History. Also, her journal is here. Which I have never read. Where are you?

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