Friday, December 7, 2012


I was feeling pretty punky and overwhelmed earlier today, for a host of reasons: 
  1. Mr Doll is out of town and I miss him terribly. 
  2. December just came and snuck up on me. Ordinarily I'd be long done with cards and shopping...and we haven't even taken our holiday photo yet.
  3. I'm crazy tired, all the time.
  4. I don't feel like exercising - but not exercising makes me feel worse.
I decided to make an appointment for the chiropractor today. It's been months since I visited, and I wasn't going for one particular ailment other than the fact that my whole back and neck hurt. Ordinarily, I have good mobility. Typically my back will crack if I rotate my shoulders in one direction, and my hips the other. No longer. If I bend over, I can hear popping sounds around my mid-back. My guess it's just air, like when I crack my knuckles (I ladylike) - but I'm currently obsessed that it's arthritis.

Dr. John tells me that it's the combination of too much time sitting quietly at the computer (I'm looking at you, NaNoWriMo) and suddenly stopping exercise for almost month (I'm looking at you, flu and broken contact lens). 

I chatted online recently with a Twitter friend who also works at a gym and is a fitness nut, like me. She tells me to run 5 days in a row and build my mileage back up, so that in 10 days I can run 8 miles. Of course, there's also the issue of that pesky half marathon coming up in mid-January. All I know is that I need to get busy.

So I got up and got out. I ran 2.25 miles. I went out for a run today even though I didn't feel running. I felt like a marionette, and couldn't find any rhythm - but I kept telling myself that I knew it was going to be hard after not running for almost a month. 

And then treated myself to a manicure. 

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