Monday, May 6, 2013


About 5 days after we brought our pup home, I worried that we had 'broken' him. He began retching bile last Friday, and refused to eat the following morning. This was, of course, followed a night of puking and diarrhea. Poor bunny cried to be let out every time he had to vomit.

In an older dog, I would have taken the wait-and-see approach - but when the afternoon nappies became lethargy, I knew it was time to call our vet. Since the pup had been straining, I worried that there was blockage if some sort. After probing his tummy and a quick x-ray, nothing was revealed. It was determined that he had a case of irritated bowel, you know - just from the newness of being in a new environment. He was given fluids under his skin, and prescribed anti-nausea meds. By the evening puppy felt so much better. He ate a small meal of the bland wet food the vet gave us and began to turn the corner.

Our vet had asked for a fecal sample to make sure pup didn't have worms, so the next day I brought one in. Spooning into a fresh turd and putting it into a sandwich bag has to be one of the most incongruent, contrary acts. It's just so...wrong.

A day later, we found out why pup was so sick. His diagnosis of colitis was upgraded to Giardia.

The breeder had actually sent us home with medicine to give puppy over 5 days to treat giardia. Apparently one if her pups in the past had contracted it, so she made a policy to treat all her pups. I remember thinking two things - that it sounded sort if suspect, but also that it seemed like overkill. A couple of the doses didn't get in the puppy very well, so he didn't really get the benefit of the full course of medicine.

You would never know he was sick, though. He's made a full recovery, despite the fact that I have to wipe his ass every time he poops so he doesn't reinfect himself. I'll say that again: I have to WIPE THIS DOG'S ASS. It's a good thing he is so freakin' cute!

Cooper at 10 weeks old


  1. So far out of all the pictures you have posted, this is my all time favorite!!

    1. Thank you! This is my favorite, too. My husband lucked out and caught the image on his phone.

      It makes me think of the kind of 'studio' photo you'd see in a calendar called Adorable Pups, or Labradors.