Monday, September 19, 2016

TOL #1 Snapchat vs Instagram

In an effort to write more frequently, I came across this prompt from blogger Amanda at Running With Spoons. The concept of getting thoughts down isn't a new one but, after reading her post, the notion resonated with me. 

For my first go, it's hardly deep and has already been hashed out to death...but it's been on my mind:


I had an account several years ago when it was a newish app, but I felt scummy about it; I read an article that the original intent of the platform was to send nude and lewd photos that supposedly 'disappeared' after the recipient opened them. I was disturbed by this since once a photo is out on the Internet, it's there forever. More recently, I heard a story on NPR about how young girls are bombarded with requests for 'noodz' from male classmates. As a parent of a teenage daughter, this is enormously disturbing. 

While I'm sure a fair amount of that still takes place among consenting adults, it has evolve. It's a medium where I can have a quick interaction with my kids or catch a glimpse of a day in the life of musicians, actors or my fellow social media acquaintances. I freaking love Snapchat. 

It's become my favorite social media platform because it's all the fun with none of the drama (I'm looking at you, Facebook). And the other social media sites (who will remain nameless but the first letter starts with Instagram) keep updating their app to the point where it's killed the fun. 

I feel a rant coming on...

WTH, Instagram?? First, the site is ruined by a ridiculous algorithm: instead if chronological posts, accounts appear in your feed based on what it 'thinks' you want to see. If that wasn't bad enough, IG created a Snapchat-style 'story' within the platform. Unless it has to do with animals or someone whose content I'm very interested in seeing, it's pretty ridiculous...especially when it comes to oversharers. Anything beyond 5 stories within one account is excessive and I'm skipping past it entirely. The final straw was changing to a GINORMOUS FONT with ads that 'stick' and don't let you easily scroll past. #lamesauce

Besides, who can compete with those filters and stickers? 

What is your favorite social media platform? If you like Instagram, what do you think of the changes?


  1. I like Instagram, but I do hate the new algorithm and find that I end up missing posts from some of the folks I follow whose content I really enjoy. I went through and unfollowed some accounts I think are okay but not great and that has made things a bit better. I am also making sure to "like" pics more from my favorites and that seems to help.

    Snapchat I had back in the day as well, but got rid of because it just seemed like too much. I can check Instagram whenever I please, and I'm not overloaded with notifications, but I feel like with Snap I am. So, meh, I figure if anyone really wants to send me a picture they will. Old school.

    1. I loved your comments Jessie...old school is sometimes the best school! I recently did an Instagram housecleaning myself, and it was kind of nice to purge accounts that I had little to no interaction with. I have to hunt down my down favorite accounts on that site since they're not in my feed as frequently.

  2. I adore Snapchat. In fact, I might be borderline obsessed. It's my favorite social media medium, probably because it's the most real and honest, filters aside of course, but who doesn't love those things, especially the ones which make me look I mean even more beautiful.

    Instagrams new algorithm and their stories can go suck it. :)

  3. Ha! We are kindred spirits, Meghan. I'm borderline obsessed too! Snapchat feels less staged and more spontaneous than Instagram to me as well. My favorite filter is the crown of flowers because it makes my eyes look fabulous 💫

  4. I haven't even tried Snapchat. I can barely keep up with the blog, IG, and FB (and rarely look at twitter, even tho I kind of like it).

    So mostly it's IG & my blog, because that's where most of my friends/relatives/blogger friends seem to hang.

    1. It makes sense to be where your family and friends are 😁

      Keeping tabs on all my social media accounts does sometimes feel like a part time job. I guess that's one reason I like Snapchat; it's very low key compared to Facebook or Instagram.

      I'm the worst at Twitter...probably because writing anything less that 140 characters is a skill I don't possess 😜