Sunday, October 16, 2016

Weekend Snapshots - Friday Night Lights And Staying Classy

Hey, howdy hey! Thank you to Healthy Diva Life and  Her Heartland Soul  for hosting their weekend linkups, as always. I can't believe that another weekend has come and gone. This should sum things up nicely:

I had planned to work on making note cards from our Kauai vacation photos to sell at craft boutiques in November and December, as well as laying contact paper in the kids' bathroom cabinets. I also had my 8 mike run on tap for Sunday. None of it happened. ::shrug::

Friday night was spent helping push equipment on the football field for my son's marching band halftime show. It was a good football game, a great show and a beautiful evening:

Watching my son perform is always fun, but it was especially raucous in the stands last Friday night. The fans were decked out in school colors, with about 50 students and football players sporting pink for October's Breast Cancer Awareness. The band played great, and the drum line worked the students up into an appropriate frenzy. 

Saturday was a quiet day spent doing weekend chores at home and puttering around the house. I got to spend the afternoon visiting with my bestest friend. No photos to show from her visit, but she does make a cameo in one of about 20 of these gems (from a certain phone-hacking boy):

Later was dishes, laundry, and cookie baking for a drum line party. The sugar cookies came out sort of biscuit-like, so I tried sprinkling cinnamon on them to create a snickerdoodle hybrid. I still wasn't satisfied, so I ended up dipping them in melted chocolate. It wasn't my best result...but teenage boys aren't too picky and the plate came back empty. 

Sunday morning I squeezed in a short run, and then met a friend for coffee and a meeting. It was an hour well spent. 

Always classy ✌🏼️

We picked up turkey burgers after Boydoll's jazz combo rehearsal and enjoyed dinner together. It was a nice way to close out a good weekend. 

What does a typical Sunday dinner at your house consist of? Takeout, large family dinner,'s all good! 

Leave a comment below and dish it 😋


  1. I'm sure teenage boys will eat near anything and probably thought the cookies were amazing :)

    1. I love baking. And yes, most boys don't care. I seem to have gotten a defective one 😜 Boydoll is incredibly picky!

  2. I love those sunset photos from the football game! So pretty! Sunday is usually a grill night in our house, or we keep it easy with some sort of takeout!

    1. Thank you! It was such a gorgeous night.

      I love grilling! Such a perfect way to finish out a weekend :)

  3. You don't want to know all of the places that I've hidden moneys and things on the run. ;D

    1. Necessity is the mother of invention, right?? 😂