Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Fight On!

Just like that, I'm at my son's freshman orientation -- for college.  

Seriously, what the hell?? 
My heart. All the feelings!
My son graduated from high school about six weeks ago. He turned 18 last February and five days later got a tattoo. Five days. No judgement here; I have two tattoos of my own -- but you gotta be impressed by the swiftness of that decision. 

Graduation: Aunt Erika and Boydoll get jiggy wit it.
Boydoll's last four years of high school passed by in an instant. Well, up until the last three months of school...which crawled by. As nostalgic as I was over the 'lasts' -- his last school dance (freaking prom, y'all) and his final jazz performance of his high school career, senioritis is for real. We were both totally over it by the end of the year. 

This last year has been pretty incredible for both kids. My daughter graduated with her BA in psychology in three years (!!!). She moved home for a year to work full-time and save money, took the GRE and applied to grad schools...and recently was accepted into a doctorate program. I am beyond proud. I can't stop bragging on her. I mean, come on

Kids these days, amirite? 
Congratulations Dr. Gwennie!

This one is a trifecta of ferocity, drive and beauty!
So, you might see where this is going. 

That's right -- in 7 short weeks, we'll be empty nesters. I'm looking forward to starting a new chapter in our lives: my husband will retire in (hopefully) four or five years, we'll slowly remodel the house [emphasis on s l o w l y], and do a little traveling. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm bracing myself for the roller coaster of emotions that next month will bring. There will be lots of ugly crying when both kids move out of the house and into their new lives.