Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Sleepover

Babydoll: Did you have fun at your sleepover? Did you remember to use good manners?

Boy: I totally had good manners! I ate with my mouth closed and everything.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

You Want Me To What?!

My last post got me thinking about the times I've made the similar error of switching the first letter of two words. My nephew's Parry Hotter, for Harry Potter, is an example. It turns out there is an honest-to-God term for this: it's called a spoonerism, also known as a marrowski. I usually do this with the names of a couple or siblings. It causes an interesting reaction every time I've done it, and I always come off sounding like an idiot.

My most embarrassing incident was when I was leaving a voice mail at a spa, requesting a waxing service. I was mid-message when I committed a spoonerism, asking for an appointment to 'brax my wows'. Startled by my mistake, I started punching the # and * keys, hoping that the voice mail would allow me to re-record my message.

No such luck. My only choice was to pretend it didn't happen, so I resorted to starting over in the middle of my own message, supplying my own beep! and my intended message asking for a brow wax.

When the aesthetician returned my call, she had a little laugh about it - but I know she secretly thinks I'm a nut job. It's all good.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Scared, Potter? You wish!

We recently went camping with my SIL and her husband's family. It was a beautiful woodland site next to a creek that was so picturesque that I half expected to see gnomes or fairies along the trails.

My youngest nephew is almost five-years old. He has the sweetest way of talking in that he drops R's from words - which makes him sound like he was raised in the toughest area of the Bronx, rather than Southern California.

When invited to play badminton, he asked if we were going to use "bodies". After a clarification, we realized he was saying birdies. Nephew laughed and said, "Not bodies! I said bodies..." with no discernible difference in the pronunciation between the two words.

The highlight was when Nephew referred to Harry Potter as Parry Hotter. Kids are cool like that.