Friday, May 25, 2012

Technologically Challenged

Although technology is shiny and fun - one of my friends called the iPhone 'sexy', most of it seems unnecessary and excessive. We only recently got both caller id and call waiting after changing phone companies.

I don't come into this stuff easily.  We unknowingly got these services as apart of a bundle and while I am loathe to admit that I'm sort of in love with our caller id, I despise call waiting. It's bad enough to be put on hold when calling a business - I've got things to do, motherfucker - but I hate being put on hold during a personal call. Apparently it goes both ways; I've had several friends freak when calling my house and they get a busy signal.

I was the same way with cell phones. I figured anybody who needed one was waiting breathlessly for the phone call telling them their new kidney was in. And if they had a moment, could they come on down to the hospital?

The idea of being constantly reachable held no appeal. I also figured if anything serious happened to me that the universe would take care of it. Once our daughter was born, all that changed. I got a cell phone for emergencies and never looked back. My newest phone has a tiny keyboard and texting has become a quicker, preferred way to communicate. This is an actual text I sent today, picking up the girls for the afternoon carpool:

"Here! And I have cupcakes!"

Now that their older, both our kids are acutely aware of and love electronica. Boy enjoys gaming (Wii, PlayStation 3) and Girl is saving money and earning good grades to get an iPhone. So, I still use the phone book, yes, I'm that person - but it has a dual purpose. It's secondary use is to elevate our bedside fan. How's that for multitasking?!

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