Thursday, December 27, 2012


Sounds like one of those terrible doll-comes-alive horror films - like Goonies or Chuckie, right?

I spelled it phonetically because I don't know the actual Swedish word, but I think it is supposed to mean Santa. My mother-in-law was huge into the holidays, and had dozens of little Santa figures all over her house. Some were little handicrafts made out of felt or cardboard, but some were Anna Lee collectibles. I'll just come right out and say it: these Santa figures are one part whimsy...and one part frightening. 

When my mother-in-law died, Mr Doll's sister kept them all, and I was surprised at how nostalgic he was over these dolls. His sister asked me what I thought Mr Doll might like for Christmas one year, and I came out and just asked for some of the family toompties. She gave him three out of over a dozen from his mom's collection:

Although he looks like a monk,
this is one of several bobble-heads.
His brothers live at our house.

I have no idea what that is supposed
to be in his pot, but I like to think it's
hot cocoa and marshmallows. Right?!

My, what big eyes you have!

One part Santa, one part Rudolph.

I am not entirely sure what is going on with
this Santa - is that hair or snow?!

The Santa in the foreground with the
hand-painted face is an Anna Lee collectible.

This fellow is Mr Doll's favorite.

Santa and his...pickaxe?!

If 'Doc' from The Seven Dwarfs was an elf.
Every year the kids and I look for a new Santa to buy for our collection. Mr Doll prefers the 'artsier' figures over Anna Lee, but I couldn't find felted or unusual ones in any catalogs this year. I found a small Santa at Macy's to add to our current collection:

Toomptigoobahs meet
The Charlie Brown Christmas 
In the meantime, guess what I got from our family Secret Santa gift exchange this year?! 

Babydoll and Big Daddy Santa 


  1. Awesome!

    I found the name for you: tomtegubbe! Not Santa, exactly, but an interesting character of slightly smaller stature.

    1. Of course you did!!

      That is so very cool, Kent. The actual definition just slays the literary wordsmith in me: interesting character! Small stature!

      I'm dead from the cuteness of it all! Either that, or one of the tomtegubbes ran into the bedroom last night and stole my soul.

  2. Starting my search with the word as you spelled it, BB, I found that you totally OWN that word on the 'net! May I suggest :-)

  3. Finally, I *knew* I was valedictorian in something!! - For all your small-stature, interesting character needs!