Friday, January 3, 2014

Picture Perfect

For my third installment of featuring bloggers from my blog roll, I'd like to introduce my readers to my friend Emry and her blog, Emry At Home. She writes about homesteading with her husband and her life raising their two young girls, Annalee and Alabama.

But first, can we talk just for a minute about Emry's hair? Seriously. She has the thickest, most gorgeous head of auburn hair that I have ever seen. 

See what I mean? ::swoon::

I stumbled across Emry's blog a few years ago, shortly after she'd been featured on a website called BlogHer which spotlights women writers. I was so impressed by Emry's accomplishment, it inspired to submit an article of my own...but I was so overwhelmed by the sheer number of writers and topics that I haven't gone back to the BlogHer website since. 

Even though we haven't met IRL, Emry has been super sweet about answering my ridiculously embarrassing questions, all of which reveal how little I know about formatting a blog.

Although Emry At Home is not a photography blog, her photos are stunning:

This photo makes me feel wistful without knowing why exactly. 

The aesthetic of canning makes me sigh.
In my post Peachy, I used the term 'historical hard-on' to describe
the appeal of canning, because I'm classy like that.

The beseeching fingers. The cat's expression. Just...LOVE.

As a parent, I have a deep understanding about how two children can be completely different in temperament, despite the fact that they are raised in the same household. This premise is one of the themes that I find so relatable about Emry's blog.

Photo: This is too good not to share. Would it be wrong to enlarge it and hang it up in the living room?
Best. Photo. Ever.
This brilliance is Alabama's handiwork.

My kids are much older than Emry's girls...but there is something so satisfying about knowing that I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE THIS SHIT HAPPENS TO. 


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my blog, dear! You are so, so sweet! And you are SO not the only one that shit happen to :-)

  2. It was my pleasure, Em!

    I love your blog so much, and I can't thank you enough for the kindness and support you've given me with mine.

  3. As someone who has met her in person, let me assure you that she is every bit as sweet and real as she comes across on her blog!! And her hair *is* to die for!!