Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Few Photos From A Long List Of Things Our Puppy Has Eaten

1. Plants

Silly me for thinking my
baby-proofing days were over. 

2. Toys

Oh, Hello Kitty. I am so very sorry.

 3. Pens

Where did I just set my pen? Oh.

4. The Last Straw

This chewed piece of plastic used to be my
coveted Millennium Falcon window ornament.
So basically, my dog ate Star Wars.


  1. Funny that you should write a dog post on the 5th....Ellie would have been 11. I had dogs on the brain all day.

    Cooper is ADORABLE no matter how much trouble he gets into. ;)

  2. I just saw your post about having Ellie's birthday reminder in your phone. Those little (and in your case, literal) reminders affect me the most.