Wednesday, February 19, 2014


So, you remember the post about my girl-crush? As if Danielle wasn't busy enough writing clever ditties about her travels while running a marathon in each state across the country, she and and her business partner Natalie recently started a website called Ramblen. 

Well, they have invited me to be an ambassador on their website! I'm thrilled to be a small part of their organization and their dynamic concept. I also get swag: a ramblen t-shirt, plus the coveted T-Rex technical tee:

That's Danielle. Sorry she's not sorry.

Dude! I'm so excited! Designed for the athlete who is looking to stay on top of their training and nutrition while traveling, the website offers a search-by-city of the best running trails, gyms, lap-pools, healthy restaurants, athletic-apparel stores...or spin instructors worth the drop-in fee. *cough* 

It's brilliant!

Boom. Stephen Colbert knows *exactly* how I feel about all this.