Friday, January 31, 2014


Today is Cooper's first birthday! 

But first, let's show everyone what he looked like at 10 weeks old. There is no other word for this photo except 'adorable', obviously:

Here is what the strapping young man looks like today, although his head looks freakishly Gigantor in proportion to the rest of his body in this photo:

We had a party...with doggie ice cream, naturally. Also, notice the excellent socks that Girldoll wore for the occasion: 

Exhibit A: Cooper tries his first lick of Frosty Paws:

Exhibit B: Taste tested...and approved. 'The Browns' love it! And no, you're not seeing double. The top brown dog is Riley:

Notice Cooper's dilated pupils, intense stare and how his whiskers seems to stand on end? Let this be a PSA to dogs everywhere: we've determined Frosty Paws is actually crack for dogs. Just say no, right? 

"Crack is whack, yo!"

Happy birthday, Cooper. We love you, baby chocodile!

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