Sunday, March 16, 2014


One of Girldoll's best friends, Samo, has been diagnosed with a virus in his heart. Originally hospitalized for pneumonia, he is now on a waiting list for a heart transplant. A few days ago, he suffered a stroke and has lost his vision.

Samo is 17-years old.

We have known Samo since he was in grade school when the kids were on swim team together. The first time I met Sam, I overheard a conversation he had with his dad. During a swim meet, his dad asked him what his strategy was for his next race. Sam confidently replied, 'To dominate.' 

Honestly, that has been pretty much Sam's life strategy: to be on the forefront of life and inspiring others along the way. It's rare that I'm struck by the charisma and character of someone so young. 

The last few years have been tough for Sam. I won't go into that here because it's not my story to tell, but I will say that he is a study in resilience. I've known adults that are taken down by adversity, but Samo has more perseverance and wisdom than many men twice his age.  

After a month-long illness that affected his grades and caused him to be dropped from the varsity water polo roster, Samo pursued an independent study program. In less than six months, he has earned enough school credit to graduate from high school a year early. He recently returned from an all-expense paid trip to Washington DC, after being recognized for a grant that he authored.

Despite his (hopefully) temporary loss of vision, his mom reports that he is still playing his guitar and has quickly won over the nurses and doctors on his unit.

The irony of Samo's situation is not lost on me; it's hard to believe that anyone with such an extraordinary heart has been hospitalized, waiting on a new one. I think of you every day, Sam. Please know that your story and your life has touched a whole community, and it is another reminder of how precious family and our children are.

This photo was taken last October when
Samo accompanied Girldoll's band,
aptly playing a cover of Foo Fighter's My Hero.
Yes, Sam. You most certainly are.


  1. Prayers and good thoughts for him and his family!

  2. My boys and I met Sam at a YMCA water polo camp several years ago. Although heads and tails above the beginners, he was always kind to my kids and just a gentle soul. Then we met Sam again at a Jr Guards summer program a couple of years ago. Again, Sam, you stood out as a stellar dude. Nick and Nate and Kai and I really think you're awesome and we send you tons and tons of kickass mojo to make this such a success that they're gonna write about you for years to come. Lots of love and healing energy your way, Sam. Babydoll, thanks for this shout out! <3 Liz

  3. Thank you for sharing, Liz. Sam is easy material: kind, charismatic and genuine. It was an honor that Judy included the link to my post on his Facebook page.

    And although I'm not surprised, I loved hearing how kind Sam was to your kids. The YMCA is also where he and my daughter became friends. All the best to you!