Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Fitbit partnered with a race I'm scheduled to run in a few weeks, and offered a discount code for registrants. I have several friends who love the technology, so I decided to treat myself to an early Mother's Day gift:

Happy Mother's Day to me! 

It's pretty much a glorified pedometer, but their website is engaging and fun. In addition to keeping track of steps, users are also able to track calories, water consumption, log additional workouts, and 'compete' with friends for most steps logged during the week. It includes a dongle (I'm not making that word up, I swear) that connects to a USB port and updates your information by connecting wirelessly to your wristband. Dongle makes me giggle because I'm 12-years old like that.  

The Fitbit also tracks sleep quality. It measures sleep patterns by keeping track of when the user goes to bed, how long it takes to fall asleep, and how many times they are restless or awakened during the night. Exactly how it is measured remains a mystery to me, but I like to think Santa is involved somehow. 'He knows when you are sleeping, he knows when your awake...'   

I've always been an average person. I'm not particularly good at any one thing. Well, except for sleeping. 

I consider sleep to be my superpower; I can fall asleep quickly and almost anywhere. I have fallen asleep during a massage, which probably isn't all that uncommon - but I have also fallen asleep while having my teeth cleaned, during an MRI, and even completely sober at an Aerosmith concert.

Since using my Fitbit, I learned that I typically fall asleep in 6 minutes and I am rarely awoken in the middle of the night or even restless. Leave it to me to excel at doing nothing: 


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