Friday, July 25, 2014

Rock It

I'm a terrible shopper. I am notorious for buying clothes without trying them on with the rationale that I can return them, as if I have the luxury of all this extra time on my hands. 

On several occasions, I have purchased an outfit that I love but that wasn't offered in my size, but I bought it anyway. My logic was that it would be a great incentive to lose 5lbs. Yeah, that idea might be great in theory - but it's never worked out to my advantage. 

Anyway, about a year ago I bought a dress that falls into the above category: adorable and super sporty, but just a teensie bit too small. It's made out of a wicking material, similar to Title 9 or Athleta's workout clothing line. I recently rediscovered it in the back of my closet, and without really thinking it all the way through ('It's a dress...and I'm riding a bike.'), I decided it might be cute to wear in my spin class. 

I tried it on...only to discover that I couldn't take it off. 

Time was getting short before I had to leave, and I finally had to throw on a pair of Lulu capri pants underneath and rock the outfit - just like I had intended to wear a dress to spin class. The funny thing? Since I had resolve to just go with it, it actually looked kind of cute. I got a few compliments, and taught one of my best classes of the summer. 

ETA: I managed to get the dress off myself, but only after I sent desperate texts to my daughter asking when she'd be home to help me get unstuck.


  1. Oh good lord, do I ever feel your pain! That was me trying on "body armor" at the store. I was near a full-on panic attack thinking I'd have to have the store lady come in and cut the damned thing off!

    You and I could be shopping sisters! I rarely try on clothes. I assume if it's a little snug it'll be motivation to lose weight. Guess what? It isn't! I have way too many ill-fitting clothes in my closet.

    1. Oh my gosh! The struggle is real, as my kids like to say. Everytime I would pull the dress over my head where I got stuck - sort of half in, half out, I would freak a little and think I was getting smothered.

      It was one part humorous and one part scary. I loved your post about this same issue. Vanity is a strange thing, isn't it?