Saturday, August 16, 2014

All You Need To Know

Months ago, I asked a friend if I could do a feature of her blog, All You Need To Know. If you are a regular reader of my own blog, you will recognize her right away: Cristy is one of the few readers who regularly comments on my posts.

I'm an easy person to know, and it's pretty rare that I don't like someone. However, it's not often that someone will surprise or impress me. Cristy is one of those people. She is an avid volleyball player, a dedicated runner and always game for new ideas to keep her workouts fresh. 

I know that she's will probably disagree with my choice of adjective in terms of her running, but it's the truth. It's one thing to do something that comes easily, but sticking with something, even if it's difficult, is another matter entirely. This is what real character is about. We have participated in online weight-loss groups and fitness challenges together, and Cristy even has color-coded spreadsheets for her workout routines.

Cristy is an open book. She is comfortable talking about almost everything and no subject is off-limits (pelvic organ prolapse, anyone?). Cristy and her husband Mark have six children, all grown and gone. She is also the 'big dog momma' to a Bernese Mountain Dog named Jake. 

Big Dog Momma as I will always picture
her...with her big dogs, Jake and Ellie.

When I had to put our beloved girl dog to sleep, Cristy was so kind. She admitted to reading my post about Cafe several times over, which touched me greatly. When she had to put her own beautiful dog Ellie down a year later, I grieved for her loss. 

We are friendly on Facebook and I may or may not have also stalked her Picassa account (hello Bandit, Smokey and Tippy!) in the tiniest way, so I know what her cats and kids all look like. My favorite story in her blog is about her daughter Jenna. Although I have read the story several times, I am unable to find a link to it. It is, however, one of the sweetest testimonies about letting go and doing what is best for our children, and being the adult through difficult situations. 

Cristy may claim to be a relatively sane ice princess, but it's clear she has a heart of gold. 


  1. Oh, terrific, go ahead and make me cry! ;) You are far too kind, my friend! Much love to you.

    1. I'm honored that you were moved by my post. I love reading your blog! It's fun to be friends with a kindred spirit.

      I had a small twinge of pain during a run, well...I'll be honest and say it was excruciating, actually. I went through several scenarios, but the thought crossed my mind that perhaps my uterus might be falling out - and you were the person I wanted to tell. That's friendship, man!

    2. Hah!! Well, I hope it doesn't fall out. :)