Monday, October 20, 2014


I recently had a conversation with my daughter about fitness, and she used an expression that I have never heard of before: skinnyfat. She explained that someone can be slender, but not be fit or have muscle.

I used to be skinnyfat. I was rail thin and enormously self-conscious about my weight. Despite being slender, I wasn't fit at all. You know how people talk about having a fast metabolism and can eat anything they want? Well, that was me into my late twenties. That's hardly the case anymore; I am fairly certain I am starting menopause, but that's a sad post all it's own for another day.

Right now, I'm the heaviest that I have ever weighed. While I'm certainly not happy about it, I know what I need to do to lose weight. I'm embarrassed to admit that I haven't been willing to make those changes, until I stepped on the scale this morning. 

refrigerator animated GIF
I feel like my life revolves around the fridge anymore.

I broke down and sent a text to the trainer I hired, who helped me lose over 20lbs a year and a half ago, and she and I will begin working together to help get my eating back on track.

The point I want to make is that when I was skinny, it didn't make me any happier or make life my any easier. What I really want is to feel healthy and have more energy. What I also know is that this is an inside job; I'm the one who is in charge of what goes in my mouth.  

Friday, October 3, 2014


One of the perks of being an ambassador for Girls Gone Sporty is that I get to review products...and if those products involve snacks? Bonus for Babydoll, amirite? 

My very first official product review is for Kooee! all-natural beef jerky. Kooee is an Australian call made outdoors, expressing 'the freedom and exhilaration that nature brings.' Their jerky is from 100% grass-fed beef, sustainably raised without added hormones or antibiotics on pastures in Tasmania, Australia. What makes their product unique is that each package can be traced back to the farm where it was raised.  

I love snacks, but getting snacks via mail
is supreme. Internet, I have arrived.

Gluten-free and Paleo-friendly.
Their super snack is one part beef jerky, and one part trail mix. The packaging keeps the two separate until the product is ready to be eaten. I was given two packages each of two flavors to try: Lime Pepper with Mango and Smoked Chipotle with Apple. 

I'll be honest: it's the tastiest jerky I've ever had. I have never been a fan of Slim Jim 'sticks' or huge chunks of tough jerky. Kooee! is flavorful, tender and thinly sliced. Boydoll wasn't crazy about the addition of dried fruit and nuts to the beef, "Don't fruit the meat!"  However, I noticed that one (of only four precious packages) went missing right before baseball practice. 

I have a more adventuresome palate, and I really liked the combination of sweet and savory. The addition of cocao nibs to the Smoked Chipotle with Apple was pure genius. 

This post is sponsored by Kooee!. All opinions are my own.