Monday, November 10, 2014

6 Signs That I've Fallen Off The 'Clean-Eating' Wagon

For some, this may be more than you ever want to know about my poor eating habits...but if you relate, then we can commiserate together. Here are my top six 'fell off the healthy eating' wagon issues:

1. Watching TV, playing on my phone, or working at the computer while eating. Do other people do this? The reason it's an issue is because while I'm happily playing Hay Day or checking my email, I am missing the 'full' cue from my body. I am much more likely to absentmindedly consume extra food that I wasn't actually hungry for. Since I'm distracted, there is a disconnect between what I'm eating and if I've had enough. 

2. Eating ice cream. I'm sure that sounds nuts, but it's the truth. My teeth have a high sensitivity to hot and, particularly, cold foods or beverages. If I'm eating ice cream, then it's a sure sign that things are out of control with my sugar consumption. 

3. Drinking soda. When I was growing up, my mom seldom bought soda at the store. If she did buy any, the only kind she would get was caffeine-free Diet Coke. Ugh. I mean, why bother? It's never been a habit of mine...until recently. I'm especially fond of all those delicious, delicious chemicals in Diet Dr. Pepper. 

The problem is that sodas and coffee are diuretics. If I had to create a sub-category, it would be 3a. Not drinking enough water because I'm am frequently dehydrated more often than not. Reaching for a soda that makes me even more dehydrated is not helping things along. I recently read a comment someone made that 'soda will be the cigarettes of the next generation.' And they're right: there is nothing beneficial in soda. My trainer's compromise: I can have a soda, just make sure I've consumed my minimum water requirements for the day first.  

4. Eating processed foods. I generally avoid fast food restaurants and hand-to-my heart, my son has never been to a McDonalds...but that doesn't mean we eat clean; white flour and sugars are a part of our daily diet. When I lost almost 25lbs a year ago, it had less to do with exercise and everything to do with what I was eating. 

I recently complained to my trainer about the weight that I've gained back. Her reply was a tough one to read: the reason I can't lose weight is because I continue to bring tempting foods into the house -- that I can't resist -- for my kids and my husband. She said that until I realize that it's no better for my family than it is me and we make a lifestyle change, I won't be successful at keeping the weight off. 


She's right, but man, did it ever piss me off to read that. 

5. Not eating enough freggies (fruits + vegetables = freggies). The name of the healthy lifestyle game is fiber. The harder my body has to work to extract nutrients from fiber-dense foods, the better it is at stoking my metabolic furnace. Unfortunately, my freggie intake drops as soon as I fall back into the bad habits above. 

The things that work for me are keeping accountable with a food journal, drinking lots (and lots) of water, and incorporating fruits and vegetables into every meal I consume. The less sugar I eat, the less sugar I crave.

What kinds of things make you successful in eating healthfully?

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