Monday, November 3, 2014

All Hallow's Eve

Our house is about 5 blocks above what I consider the Halloween epicenter in our town, and it's wildly popular with families and teenagers. The streets funnel into a circular drive where the most elaborate yards are found. One house was showing Monsters Vs Aliens in their yard on a giant movie screen. 

In past years, we have typically trick or treated along our street and the block above us, but this was the first year that I ventured down into the madness. I was loosely supervising a group of teenage boys while taking in the impressive Halloween decorations. 

Shortly before we headed home, I went into the neighborhood haunted house, 'Safe Haven'. I don't like to be frightened, and I certainly don't like people jumping out at me. I decided to go in for a host of stupid reasons, but primarily because I was dared by another parent. What can you do? ::shrug::

It was impressive, to say the least. They rented temporary construction-style fencing for their property, and each person was ushered into the entrance by a several shouting adults who offered a 'safe haven' from the zombie apocalypse. There were about 20 actors total that were either a) prisoners/zombie bait who were begging to be released b) military personnel or c) zombies. It was terrifying and enormously good fun. As we left the safe haven compound, there was a 'decontamination' area where we were blasted with air to rid any possible zombie exposure...only to be sneezed on as we crossed the threshold back into society. I'm not sure that's how becoming a zombie works, but whatever. Maybe it was a play on the Ebola scare? 

As soon as I stepped out onto the street, it started to rain. Things started to clear out pretty fast, but I was stoked to see some precipitation in our dry town. I hope you all had a great Halloween! Leave a comment and tell me your favorite costume that you saw this year. 

Dr. Lucy

Dead Fred's Disco

I was taking photos when I realized the hooded Jawas in the
foreground were actually children standing very still.
Yeah. I freaked.

H _ N G M _ N

This was the house showing a movie in their front yard.
Did I tell you this area was popular for teens or what??

My newest decoration: light up pumpkin Yoda

This was one of dozens of terrifying, live actors.
The zombie bride eating a human leg. Aiieeeeee!

Terrifying dummy inside Safe Haven haunted house.

My favorite decoration: misting pumpkin

My frightfully awesome porch

Hello Pumpkin
Hello Zombie

I was Luke Skywalker for Halloween. Of course,
I brought a little Halloween to spin class last Thursday.

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  1. Haha, what a fun night!
    I did nothing on Friday. Just did my weekly grocery shopping and relaxed!