Monday, December 1, 2014

5lbs Of Sugar In A 1lb Sack

If you have a generous bust like me, then you know my beef with sports bras in general. The best ones cost a fortune...but regardless of the cost, I always somehow feel like I'm wearing a bullet-proof vest. In desperate times, I have on more than one occasion worn two sports bras. I refer to this as 'double bagging'. I don't recommend it just for the chafe factor alone. 

It's inevitable; it's time to do laundry and I'm down to my last clean sports bra. It's the one that every time I wear it, I swear to myself, "Never again! I am NEVER wearing this again."

But then I get desperate, and I think that this time it will be different. See, the bra goes on fine...but taking off the sports bra? That does not. The last time I wore it, I got stuck trying to get it off. I nearly had to cut the damn thing off my body. 

my two queens
You literally have no idea. Or maybe you do.
Jah feel? If you don't, you can just play along and pretend you do. #thestruggleisreal


  1. The struggle is REAL!!!!! I double up regularly. I don't run enough distance to deal with chafing, so that's good. But seriously...someone needs to make a good, supportive, AFFORDABLE sports bra for us busty chicks!

    1. In truth, body glide or most anti chafing products help, but it's a total drag squeezing myself into two sports bras. Quality problems 👌