Thursday, February 12, 2015

Teen Star...And Other Reasons I Dropped Off The Face Of The Planet

Hello Internet! Wassup?

I feel like a terrible blogger and have been horribly remiss about keeping things up to date here, but it's been for good reason.

First off, I've been in FAFSA hell. If anyone has been through the process of applying for college government aid, then you feel my pain. There has to be some kicky acronym for FAFSA that sums up just how much this process sucks. If know you know one or are good at thinking stuff like that up on the fly, I would love to hear yours. 

Anyway! This has been an exciting time for my daughter. She is starting to receive college acceptance letters, and best of all: SHE QUALIFIED FOR THE TEEN STAR FINALS!

My beautiful daughter. She is always a star in my book!

#TeenStar is a vocal competition for junior high and high school students, similar to The Voice or American Idol...except without the drama. Several of her friends qualified last year, so when she asked me if I thought she should audition, I said, "Absolutely!" We both felt like it would be a great experience for her.

The auditions went really well, and she left feeling really excited and confident. That alone was a win. Girldoll said the judges were very positive, and asked her why she waited until the final year she was eligible to audition. One of these judges told her, 'your voice is like butter!' I think because Girldoll decided to just go for it with no expectation on the outcome of her audition, she was confident and relaxed during her audition. The finalists were announced the following night through the Teen Star Facebook page, and receiving texts all in caps -- from both Girldoll and her brother -- that she made the finals was a pretty sweet text to receive.

One of ten finalists, the weeks before the event are going to be a whirlwind. She has already interviewed for a newspaper and been in several local publications with the other performers. They are a great group of vocalists and everyone has been friendly and excited to be a part of such a distinguished group. 

Santa Barbara's Got Talent!
Featured in our local paper
I had worried that it would be high pressure to sign with a talent agent or become an expensive endeavor, but it has been a lot of fun. Teen Star is volunteer run, and there was no cost to enter the competition. They are driven to make it a premier event and give the kids an amazing experience. She got to work one-on-one with a mentor in a state-of-the-art recording studio, honing in her songs and working on stage presence. 

Working with her mentor, Ike Jenkins. Inspiring, kind and professional.

Running through her ballad, Girldoll doesn't
seem to be bothered by the paparrazi...!

The decor at Playback Studio is incredible. In the interest on not posting too many
photos, it's hard to get an appreciation of just how impressive this place is.

A brief interview before Girldoll goes on camera. This will be used during the event
to feature her before she performs live at the Granada.

This one is for me because I couldn't help myself. Sorry I'm not sorry.

Holding one of Playback Recording studio's three Emmys that were, you know,
just out sitting on a coffee table. The poster above is Katy Perry, who recorded
Roar, Dark Horse (my personal favorite), Teenage Dream and California Girls here.
Girldoll has been busy promoting the event through interviews (radio and print), and they will perform at the beautiful Granada Theater on February 21, 2015. The kids get the full treatment with professional hair and makeup, limousine ride, walk the red carpet...the works! 

Kids these days, right?? There is no way I would have had the confidence to perform in front of 1,500 people at her age. It amazes me how accomplished the youth are nowadays. So excited for my beautiful and talented girl! 

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