Sunday, August 21, 2016

Kauai 2016

I haven't written much. That's probably obvious. I love blogging but it takes so long because I'm such a perfectionist. I decided to get over myself and just write. If you find typos or redundancies here, you can do what I do; choose to see the writer's humanity or feel smug. Either works. 

I thought I would ease back into it by sharing photos of our trip. We are spending our last night on the island, and jump back into our respective lives immediately upon our return. My boy starts his sophomore year of high school (two days late) and my girl moves into her dorm this Saturday. Mr. Doll leaves Thursday to see friends and music for the Labor Day weekend. As for me, this summer flew by. I'm dreading returning to adulthood and responsibility 😒

We have spent 8 days on Kauai. It is truly paradise and my favorite place to be on the planet. It's impossibly beautiful here. 

Plumeria is one of my favorite scents.
Truly paradise

Even the garden snails are beautiful here.

I explored the garden daily at the house we stayed at, looking for
geckos and other island critters. 

Star fruit! It tasted a lot like a cross between a green grape
and a pear, except a little crunchier. 

We have spent our week snorkeling, relaxing and eating. We enjoyed an afternoon on ATVs, seeing the picturesque interior of Kauai where movies such as Jurassic Park, 6 Days and 7 Nights (I adore Anne Heche) and Tropic Thunder were filmed. 

Inside one of the bunkers from WWII

Taking it all in...
Impressive height!
Who is even this photogenic?? 

This will be featured on our Christmas card,
so act surprised when you open yours.
The valley is absolutely breathtaking. 
We came from Poipu to the north side of the island near Princeville three nights into our trip. On our second day snorkeling, my boy took off his booties coming out of the water and cut the bottom of his foot. We spent the afternoon trying to find a clinic and subsequently ended up at a fire station. They wrapped my boy's foot and gave us directions to the closest emergency room. 

Obligatory emergency room visit. Let's not do this again...
He received four stitches that were well-documented by yours truly. My BFF is fascinated by all things medical and she simultaneously sent odd photos and memes to my son during his procedure while intermittently texting me requests for pictures of his cut. I'll spare you the gruesome photos and extensive video that I sent to my best friend. Although it made the time pass, seeing my son writhing in pain during his lidocaine injection was unbearable. If I could have traded places and done the pain for him, I would have in a second. That must be the mark of a being a parent; I never would have considered stepping in and taking one for the team, like some sort of masochistic stunt-double, prior to having children. He dealt with it like a champ. With strict instructions to stay out of the water because of the 'high probability of contracting a staphylococcal infection' and prescriptions for topical and oral antibiotics, we were on our way. 

Thankfully, it didn't happen at the beginning of the trip and it forced us to slow everything down and totally decompress. I may not be psychically ready the school year to start, but at least I'll be well-rested. 

I love you Kauai!

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