Monday, October 24, 2016

Weekend Snapshots And What I'll Never Live Down

Another weekend come and gone. What do you think about that, Monday? Yeah. Pretty much me, too. 

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The bird is the word, Monday.
This weekend was broken up into three parts: Friday night football game, marching band competition, and my nephew's birthday party. 

Friday was the 50th anniversary of my son's high school, which is my alma mater as well. There was much hoopla around this historic milestone, including a parade of past homecoming kings and queens, and the high school Hall of Fame inductees. The football team played a rival high school, and we lost by one point. Even for someone who knows so little about football, the game was a total nail-biter.

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May the odds be ever in our favor! 
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My boy at pep rally! He was also flipped upside down and
played the quads, but I missed it. [sad face]
When I recounted the game to my husband, I instead of saying field goal, I accidentally said field 'gold'. I know squat about football, but even I know they're not called a 'field gold'. I just misspoke, but I will never hear the end of it. Mr. Doll said, 'I'm totally telling my brother that you called it a field gold.' *sigh*

Earlier in the day, I went stopped by the 'funk zone' to buy a birthday gift for my nephew at the new skate shop that recently opened there. I couldn't resist taking a few photos of doorways along the alley. I haven't been inside the surf museum, but this might be worth exploring some day!

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Surfboard museum: Funk Zone is funky fun!
We headed down south, and I'll share a little inside joke that you may or may not find funny. There are about a dozen car dealerships along a stretch of the freeway. In the middle of them is this tiny casino, which makes zero sense to me. Maybe they think that someone will win big, and then run next door and buy a car? One day when we were driving by I announced, 'You know what I don't understand? Why would they put a casino right in the middle of all those car dealerships??' My family found this hilarious. Now if the boys are on their way to LA, I always receive a text of a blurry photo with the caption, 'YOU KNOW WHAT I DON'T UNDERSTAND?? 

In terms of never dropping it never, I made things worse by suggesting that we should stop in and at least see what kinds of gaming they offered in such a small establishment: Slots and roulette? Blackjack or craps? It's a total mystery.

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Players Casino: Get lucky, buy a car.

Southern California doesn't typically see fall weather until early November, so it was crazy hot in LA. It was a gorgeous day, though. The marching band's field show included a new second movement at this competition, which I loved.

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The weather was beautiful on Saturday at the
marching band competition.
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Looking sharp!
My son quickly changed out of his uniform, and then we headed out to my nephew's birthday party after the field show. We surprised everyone by stopping off and picking up Girldoll from her university.

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Family is the best.
We likely won't get see my niece and nephew again until Christmas Eve, when we gather for our huge Swedish feast. Everyone is growing so quickly that it's always special to spend time together. I flipping love these kids so much!

And finally, I had to share a bit of random that I saw at the grocery store: I had thought it was a carving at first, but now I'm of the mind that some crazy mold was used on the pumpkin while it was still growing. It was very cool...but this bugger was $60. Thanks, but no thanks!

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I was startled.
Thank you Katie and Erin for the weekend link-ups! Any unique Halloween decorations where you live? Tell me about it in the comments. 

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